Aksenov Vladimir

Android/Web developer

Android developer with more than 6 years of commercial software development experience in a broad range of industries.

• Developing and supporting applications with millions of DAU (50M+ downloads in total)
• Developing android projects of different scales from scratch for 5 companies as self-employed
• Integrating and supporting CI/CD mobile team pipelines to deliver code from developer to user smooth
• Developing frontend, backend, databases in personal projects and passionate about the prospect of diving deep in multiple technologies
• Participating in Open Source projects (40+ github stars, successful contributions to libraries) and community (StackOverflow 1.5K+ reputation)

Work with ...

Kotlin Java Coroutines Compose RxJava Dagger Unit tests Gradle Firebase Android profiling CI/CD Git Open source


Pet projects: Hawk JavaBlueBoard

HTML,CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript

Pet projects: CapellaHAWK.SODeltaNewsThis siteCapellaHAWK.SODeltaNewsWisdom pageThis site


Pet projects: NeuralNetworkBlueBoardTEC 2.0


Pet projects: MedicalRNN


Used only for olympiad tasks on programming and practical calculations. Initial knowledge of the language

Work experience

Achievements and professional development